Hot Tub & Spa Removal

Hot Tubs are fun but costly to fix or sometimes Just take up space on your deck or porch. So are your ready to have your hot tub hauled away? Great! Junk Buddy is a trusted name in spa removals. We know it might seem like a daunting task to have you hot tub removed. Our Junk Removal specialist are trained to meet your needs and remove the hot tub for you in a safe and professional way with respect to your home or property.

​FUN FACT: Our Clients typically Save 20%-50% on Spa Removal Services with Junk Buddy!

What to expect on your hot tub removal appointment:
  • Our professional uniformed truck team will arrive on time.
  • Access the hot tub and the safest way to remove the spa.
  • Provide your free no obligation estimate.
  • Remove the spa
  • Clean the area
  • Haul it away for proper disposal & recycling.

Junk Buddy Dumpster Truck Rental
Same Day Service
Labor Included
Post Job Sweep Up
Time Saver
Cost Effective
Dump Fee Included Up to a certain ton
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