Hoarder Clean Out Service

Junk Buddy Junk Removal & Hoarder Clean Out

Your Caring Hoarder clean Out Service

Hoarding Clean outs are an emotional and daunting task for everyone involved. Junk Buddy Knows that this can be a very sensitive situation. We have trained our team that handle hoarder clean out in a way that is professional, safe and respectful to the family. If you live in the Tampa Bay area and need to have a home cleaned out due to a hoarder, please contact us and we will discuss and help you out during this time. Book online or call us at 1-877-910-5865

How Hoarder Clean outs work

  • 2 removal Specialist will handle the removal & lifting
  • Load up our Junk Buddy Truck
  • Make sure the area is cleaned
  • Haul away the junk for proper disposal and recycling

Our Hoarder Clean out service is convenient, as it will save you time, labor and you'll get more bang for your buck!

We offer same day and next day service to take care of your junk removal and hauling needs. If you have any questions or would like to book your Apartment clean out appointment, please call 1-877-910-JUNK

Junk Buddy Dumpster Truck Rental
Same Day Service
Labor Included
Post Job Sweep Up
Time Saver
Cost Effective
Dump Fee Included Up to a certain ton