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January 18, 2019
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February 1, 2019
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Prepare for Your Super Bowl Party

Are you ready to rumble??? Super Bowl LIII is between the American Football Conference champion New England Patriots and the National Football Conference champion Los Angeles Rams to determine the champion of the National Football League for the 2018 season.

It will be held on Sunday, February 3, 2019 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the first-largest covered field sports stadium by capacity of 71,000 people. If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to secure a ticket to the physical game, obviously you can watch it in your living room with friends and family at your Super Bowl Party.

That is if you have your home clutter free to entertain people for your party. Here is how to get started.

Declutter Plan

  • Call a Junk Removal Service to find out how they can help you with junk hauling, debris pick up and bulk trash removal.
  • Start slow, take breaks and schedule the tasks on different days to make it easier and more manageable. Enlist family and friends’ help.
  • Make sure you keep a record of what you donating so you can write it off on your taxes. Get a receipt and follow the IRS deduction guidelines.
  • Have bins or piles – Trash, Donate, Recycle, Giveaway and Keep.
  • Start with an impersonal space like a bathroom or cleaning closet where you aren’t emotionally invested in the items. You are able to move faster and declutter easily. Then, work your way into the harder areas like your own clothes closet.
  • When cleaning out your closet, remember the sage advice – in order to make room for the new, we must release the old.
  • No excuses. You can achieve a clearer, more stable mind starting today. Get started today. Get up and go clean out just one drawer and you’ll feel better. You’ll be motivated to continue. Keep this cycle going until all of your tasks have been completed.
  • Don’t worry about how long it will take you. It may take days, weeks or even months. Just make continual progress.

In order to get your home ready for your Super Bowl Party, get started today!

Junk Removal

Friendly, uniformed gentlemen will come to you, do all the lifting for you, clean up and haul away your junk. It includes same day service, labor, post job sweep up, time saver, cost effective and dump fee.

We can help you. Junk Buddy serves Pinellas County, Tampa and New Port Richey and we will provide a free, no-obligation on-site estimate. When you call us, our friendly customer service can give you a rough estimate of prices based on your information you provide, but it’s our truck team who will provide an accurate quote when they arrive. You can book online or call us at 1-877-910-JUNK. Sit back and relax while our truck team handles the hard work and hauls your junk away.

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