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February 1, 2019
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Create Good Feng Shui in Your Home

“Feng shui is an ancient art and science that was formalized over 3,000 years ago in China. In literal translation feng means “wind” and shui means “water.” In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune. Conversely, bad feng shui means bad luck or misfortune.

Some elements of feng shui practice date back at least 6,000 years, and it contains elements of various branches of scholarly study, including physics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology.

Feng shui is sometimes thought to be the art of placement—understanding how the placement of yourself and objects within a space affects your life in various areas of experience. It is a complex body of knowledge that teaches you how to balance and harmonize with the energies in any given space—be it a home, office, or garden. Its aim is to assure good fortune for the people inhabiting a space. The main tools used in analyzing the feng shui of any space are the feng shui compass and the bagua. Feng shui practice holds that all things consist of varying degrees of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each is represented by certain colors that can help you bring harmony to a particular space. Feng shui believes that yin and yang is the belief that a balance of the feminine (yin) and the masculine (yang) is necessary to maintain a good flow of chi and a content, ​successful life,” explains

Clear your clutter

One of the most important steps of good feng shui is to get rid of everything you do not love in your house. Clutter clearing will help you “lighten up the load” and it is essential for creating harmonious house feng shui energy.

The practice of feng shui

Mind Body Green explains that “the practice of feng shui is deeply steeped in mindfulness, in slowing down and noticing the details in your life so that you can truly experience the present moment. The words “feng shui” are Chinese and translate to “wind” and “water.” Wind is our breath, and humans are almost 60 percent water. Wind and water are vital elements for life, as is feng shui! Historically, feng shui has roots in Taoism and Buddhism. However, elements of feng shui are palpable in every culture across time. For instance, these days we can all feel the difference between a New York City apartment and a quiet hidden cabin in the forest, and we understand that our surroundings greatly affect our energy.

These design tweaks promote good feng shui in every room of the house:

·       Place your bed, desk, and stove in a command position.

·       Pay special attention to your entryway.

·       “Activate” your front door.

·       Balance out your bedroom.

·       Be mindful of color choice”.

Immediate home improvement

“If you’re looking to make some quick improvements to the environment in your home, the following list of practical Feng Shui cures is at your service:

  • Place an energetic fountain near your front door.The flowing energy of the water symbolizes cash, which helps more of the green stuff come your way. Get ready to enjoy more cash flow and connections with key people thanks to this simple cure.
  • Clear the entryway to your home.Let the chi (energy) flow right into your home and life by ridding your home’s front entry of obstacles. Such things as looming plants or vines, old newspapers, bikes, and toys in your front path may limit the amount of energy entering your home. Clear out anything behind your door for even more benefits.
  • Make sure your home encourages learning.Put books where you can see them when you come in the front door to stimulate learning in both you and your children.
  • Get rid of unwanted frustrations by fixing broken objects.Make sure your front door is in good working order. It shouldn’t scrape the floor or squeak, and the doorknob, hinges, and locks should all be secure. This cure allows you to release your frustrations and anxieties and smoothes your life path.
  • Spice up your love life with plants in the bedroom.Place three or nine new plants in your bedroom to enliven the energy of the room, adding hope and cheer. (If the plants have pink flowers, this cure will be even stronger!)
  • Position your bed to feel safe, loved, and great.Place your bed in the Commanding Position of your bedroom. This spot is the one farthest from the door but where you’re still able to see the doorway and anyone approaching while you’re lying in the bed. Placing your bed in the Commanding Position allows you to be stronger, calmer, and in charge.
  • Block drains to keep dollars from draining out of your pockets. To keep your funds from being drained, keep your bathroom doors closed, hang full-length mirrors on the outsides of your bathroom doors, and keep your drains closed when not in use (cover the sink drain, stop the tub, and keep the toilet lid closed).
  • Encourage helpful people in your life by hanging a pleasant-sounding wind chime.The sound of a metal wind chime hung in the right-front area of your home, office, or bedroom activates more people to help you and gets you more help from the people who are already at your side.
  • Boost your career with a better desk position.Position your desk cater-corner to and facing the office or cube door (even if you don’t actually have a door in your workspace). If you can’t turn your desk to face the door, arrange a mirror on your desk or wall so you can see who’s coming. This adjustment helps you encounter more opportunities, go further in your field, and lose less often,” com.

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