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February 8, 2019
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Family Activity Day to Pay It Forward

Are you looking for a rewarding bonding activity for your family? Select a home of someone that desperately needs your help to declutter their space:

  • your home if it needs it,
  • a loved one,
  • a disabled Veteran,
  • a Military family that has someone deployed,
  • a neighbor in need,
  • a single mom

In today’s world, there is always someone in need of assistance. Just look around you. There are plenty of deserving people and families that would appreciate a small bit of your time to help their lives.

It would also be an amazing lesson for your family on how to be gracious and give of your time to help another human being out without asking for anything in turn. Some would call that “grace” or “paying it forward”.

Consider a challenge

Open up your mind and even consider a challenge to other people to do the same thing. Promote it on social media of what your family is doing to encourage another family to do the same. Start the change in your community. Be the leader and have your family all take that action.


Once you’ve selected the person’s home that you will declutter, work with them to do the following:

  • Get started by setting up stations of items to sell, toss or donate.
  • Contact a recycling and donating company to pick up large furniture and to haul your unwanted items.
  • The items you can declutter are:
    • Electronics
    • Kitchen items
    • Toiletries
    • Wire hangers
    • Knick-knacks
    • Books
    • Old pillows
    • Paper products
    • Old or worn clothing
    • Garage items
    • Financial documents
    • Memorable items
    • Toys
    • Sports items

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