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Hurricanes vs. Your Junk

As we are continuing with the hurricane season in the Tampa Bay area, what are you doing to prepare if a storm comes up? Many times we aren’t proactive in getting ready and end up battling for the last gallon of water at the store or waiting an hour in line for gas. But what about your yard? Are you taking precautions to make sure it’s clean and free of debris and objects that could be potentially hazardous to you and your neighbors? When winds become strong enough almost anything can become a projectile. Don’t waste time, get your yard ready by removing junk before it’s too late!

Examples of Junk to be Removed

Here’s some examples of junk you might have laying around your yard that you need to get removed before the next hurricane:

Old Shed

  • If you have a shed that is not properly secured or cannot properly close this can be destroyed during a storm.
  • Most sheds are filled with lawn tools that can also become potentially dangerous if picked up by wind during a hurricane.
  • The best thing to do is clean out the shed and determine what you’d like to keep and move it to a safe area, like inside your home.
  • Finally, have the shed and old tools removed and hauled away by professionals.

Old Lawn Furniture

  • Those old chairs and tables that have been sitting in your backyard for years are sure to be thrown around during a hurricane.
  • Not to mention that rusty old, above ground fire pit you never use anymore.
  • Get old yard furniture removed by professionals before it becomes a hazard.
  • If you have furniture that you wish to keep, be sure to secure it safely inside your home or in a safe area outside.

General Yard Debris

  • Big branches and sticks, rocks and leftover parts and pieces from projects all need to be removed.
  • Anything that is on the lighter side can easily be picked up by storm winds. Rocks and branches can cause major harm to your home or your neighbors home.

Two Ways to Remove Junk

There are two ways to easily get your junk removed:

  1. Let the professionals take care of it all!
  1. Rent a dumpster and remove the junk yourself
  • If you have the manpower and will to do it this may be the most convenient method for you!
  • No need to make runs to the dump or rent a truck and drive it around all day.
  • Simply set up your appointment, Junk Buddy will drop off the dumpster and then when its full they will haul it away for you.

Hurricane preparation is not something to be taken lightly. There are many ways you can be proactive when it comes to storms. From replacing old windows to having backup water ready to getting the junk in your yard removed. These are all vital things that need to be taken care of. Be ready this hurricane season.

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