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Want to Spark Joy? Try the Marie Kondo Effect!

If you do not think that ONE person can make a difference, here is an example of how Marie Kondo did? Most people did not know her name until recently. Google Marie Kondo and see how much publicity she has received about the phenonium of the Marie Kondo Effect.

Marie Kondo Effect

“The hit docu-series “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo is causing some thrift shops across the country to halt donations as viewers clean out their closets. Part of Marie Kondo’s process is getting rid of items that no longer spark joy. Many chose to donate those items in hopes of bringing joy to someone else.

Good Morning American of ABC News reports on the Marie Kondo Effect and where you can donate your items. If you’ve been binge-watching “Tidying Up” on Netflix and rounding up things you don’t need anymore, you are not alone.

Thrift stores nationwide are reporting a surge in donations since the start of the year. And eBay, the online trading site, has also seen a surge of new listings since the Jan. 1 premiere of Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, eBay told “Good Morning America.”

Tidying Up

People.com states that “Kondo’s 8-episode series has inspired fans to hilariously document their obsession on social media, binge-clean their homes, and purchase her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, in record numbers, putting it back on the bestseller list, five years after its initial U.S. release in 2014”.

Kondo’s Netflix series, Tidying Up, premiered Jan. 1 and has eight, half-hour episodes which each have millions of views. The show sparked a deluge of before-and-after photos on social media, people documenting their attempts to follow the Kondo method. In the last month, more than 2 million people have mentioned her on Facebook. The site’s Marketplace reports a huge increase in people selling things they no longer want.

Tampa Bay Times

“Across Tampa Bay, Goodwill has seen a 3 percent increase in drop-offs throughout its 10-county region — an additional 5 million pounds of clothes, furniture and other items in just one month. “Our donations departments keep getting calls from people saying they’ve been inspired to clean out their clutter,” said Goodwill spokesperson Chris Ward. “At our Wesley Chapel store, donations have tripled.”,” reports The Tampa Bay Times.

KonMari Method of Tidying

If you too have piles of items that no longer “spark joy” – the key to Kondo’s KonMari method of tidying – options abound to not only get rid of them, but possibly make money too.

Here are five ways to do it.

1. Donate using an old shipping box

Give Back Box helps you get rid of both unwanted items and clothes and old boxes. You can print a free shipping label via the Give Back Box website for a local charity. Amazon is also partnering with Give Back Box to offer free shipping labels.

2. Sell clothes online

One popular option to sell your used clothes is ThredUp. You’ll be sent a bag that you fill up and send back. ThredUp sells the items for you and takes a commission. Other companies, such as The Real Real (for designer clothes) and FlipSize (for kids’ clothes), offer similar deals. Many companies will offer to donate clothes that don’t sell, and some accept unwanted shoes, purses and accessories. Websites such as Poshmark and Tradesy allow sellers to post photos of their still-trendy clothing to market and sell online.

3. Cash in on old electronics

Sell used tech gadgets on sites like Gazelle or u-Sell. On apps like Decluttr, even old CDs and DVDs can be worth real money. Target offers a trade-in program where you can trade in used electronics for a Target gift card or cash through PayPal.

4. Score rewards at the mall

North Face accepts donations of clothes and shoes of any brand at its stores and gives you $10 off your next $100 purchase in return. Donate any clothes at a Levi’s store and get a voucher for 20 percent off.

H&M stores each have a garment collection box where you can drop off old clothes and score a voucher for a future purchase. Recycle your old jeans at Madewell and get $20 off your new pair. Other brands accept donations at their stores but may not give rewards. It’s always worth asking!

5. Give back

Second Chance Toys accepts donations of kids’ toys and gives them to organizations that support kids in need. Help support members of the military by donating books to Operation Paperback and old cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Donate your lightly-used bras and unopened menstruation products to I Support the Girls, which gives them to homeless women and girls around the world.

Even old eyeglasses can see new life. The Lions Club accepts donations of eyeglasses and gives them to people in need.

Once you start hauling away items to find joy in your life or pass joy onto others, hit the easy button and call a Junk Removal Service today to take away the items you aren’t going to use or can’t find a home for.

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